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2015    PH. D, Thesis in Arts, in progress, Paris 8 University UP8/EDESTA, Paris, France

2014    Master of contemporary art and new media, Paris 8 University, Paris, France

2012    Master of visual arts, Aix-Marseille university, Aix-en-Provence, France, 

2005    Master of art/painting, Azad Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

2003    Bachelor degree, General Painting, Azad Tehran University, Tehran, Iran


2022 Curator , Iranian women artists, Exiled voice, La Maison De La Création et De L’innovation, Maci, Grenoble, France,

2021    Curator of the video art program, Corps eclipsé, espace nocif, Festival l’œil d’Oodaaq, Rennes, France

2020    Curator of the video art program, Mon corps pour ta solitude, FIAV, Casablanca, Morocco

2019    Curator of the programming Women Iranian Artists, “Sensitivity against violence,” presented at:

FIAV, Casablanca, Morocco, 

IAM-Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany,

New Media Fest 2020, artistic director Wilfried de Cologne, Cologne, Germany,


2023     Parya Vatankhah, “Iranian Women Artists Engaged in Exile,” conference “Creations in the Face of War Exile” The Research House – Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris, France

2023    Round table, “Whey the women”, Club 7.5, Isabelle Suret, Paris, France,

2023  Round table, “Woman, Life, Freedom“, Ombres Blanches library, Toulouse, France, 

2022   Round table, “Taking over the public space”, doctoral day of the Litt&Art laboratory, Grenoble, France

2021   Publication, “Celebrity Cafe #4″ magazine, under the direction of Jacque Donguy, Sarah Cassenti and Jean-Francois Bory, Talk as a writer, Le Générateur

2020   Publication of “Censored body, displaced body”, “Celebrity Cafe #4” magazine, Talk as a writer, Satellite gallery Paris, 

2020   My body for your loneliness, International Video Art of Casablanca, round table, director Majid Seddati

2019     Censored women body, director Nathalie Coutelet and Raphaëlle Doyon, PH. D seminary, talk, Paris 8 University, Saint-Denis, France

2018    Political art and the artist bodyEDESTA, PH. D seminary, talk, Paris 8 University, Saint-Denis, France

2018    Art in the face of geopolitical borders and exile, Talk, CRAL/EHESS, Paris

2017    Artist at Venice Biennale, Seminary of Eric Bonnet, talk, INHA, Paris

2017   Shirin Neshat or the poetry of absence, conferences, Padua University, Padua, Italy

2017   Theatrical performance at Museum, International Seminary, Labex-Arts-H2H.Fr, director Katia Légeret, talk, Guimet national museum, Paris, France

2016    Dream archives, talk, PH. D conference, INHA, Paris, France

2016   Iranian contemporary art: a political art? Invited as an artist,   conference, Caen, France

2016  Transculturality of gesture, PH. D seminar, Paris 8 University, Saint-    Denis, France

2016    Representation of the body in politics art, Seminary of Eric Bonnet, INHA, Paris

2015    Laughing and the violence of the History, Lecture of M. Liberge, invited artist, Paris 8 University, Saint-Denis, France

2015    Seminary of Eric Bonnet, academic research, INHA, Paris

2015    For an art of the meeting, Seminary of G. Grammare, talk and art work presentation, Sorbonne I University

2014   Act of creation, Transversality, seminary of F. Jeune, talk, INHA, Paris,

2012   Iranian women artists, Seminary of E. Bonnet, talk, INHA, Paris

2011    Between two, seminary of F. Jeune, talk and art work presentation INHA, Paris


2022 The Secularism Awards of the Grand Orient of France (GODF), ( Les prix de la Laïcité du Grand Chapitre Général du Rite Français du GODF)

2018   Official Selection at London Feminist Film Festival, for the short film Nazanin, London, England

2018    Oniros Film Awards, which is a IMDb qualifying competition, finalist with the film Nazanin

2014    Women’s Voice Now video art festival, Experimental category award, Los Angeles, United States. 

Artistic residency

2019 Chateau Ephemere Fabrique Sonore Et Numerique, collaboration with artist Telma Ha and her Compagnie Voix , Carrières-sous-Poissy, France

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions


MY BODY, MY CHOICE, group exhibition, Muratcentoventidue Artecontemporanea gallery, Bri, Italy,

Why women, exhibiton and events, curator Isabelle Suret, 7.5 Club, Paris, France, 

PHASES, a group exhibition, curator, piamyrvold, Pia Myrvold Art foundation, Stavanger, Norvege,

Variabilities in Echoes, XXVI Traverse Video festival, curator Simone Dompeyre, Toulouse, France, 


Solo exhibition “Close, Enclosed, Fenced“, curated by Hyunji Kim, Paris 8 university gallery, Saint-Denis, France

Iranian women artists, Exiled voice, La Maison De La Création et De L’innovation, Maci, Grenoble, France,

My body is mine, performance, The XXV Rencontres Internationales Traverse, Capacity (almost) unlimited, curators Simone Dompeyre, Touluse France


Avis de passage, Les Instants Vidéos, curator Marc Marcier, Marseille, France,

Retroperspective, with the video “(Re)actions”, Festival “l’œil d’Oodaaq”, Rennes, France

Carte blanche for Iran, “Corps éclipsé, espace nocif” (Eclipsed body, harmful space), Festival “l’œil d’Oodaaq”, Rennes, France

“Egon.a ( Sacred.e )”-2 and 3, online video art and performance, during confinements due to Covid-19, curator Sarah Cassenti (Aile Polina), 


Confined body, Liberated soul,  International Art Video festival Of Casablanca with my videos Passage and Nightmare, 

Sensibility against Violence, Iranian women video artist, the official screening program of NewMediaFest 2020, Berlin in physical space @ IAM—Institut für Alles Mögliche, collaboration with curator Wilfried Agricola De Cologne, Berlin, Germany, 

Egon.a ( Sacré.e ), Art video and performance, curator Sarah Cassenti (Aile Polina),

 Sensibility against Violence, Iranian women video artist,  curating Parya Vatankhah & NewMediafest of wilfrieddecologne, Cologne Germany, 

Online video art catalogue of Bogotá Experimental Film Festival , “Official Selections 2015-2019”, during thelockdown because of Covid-19.


Performance interactive, Briser le present ( Break down the present), a collaboration with artist Telma Ha , Chateau Ephemere Fabrique Sonore Et Numerique Carrières-sous-Poissy, France

Exhibition, Collapses / Uprisings (Effondrements / Soulèvements) of Les Instants vidéo, curator Marc Marcier, Marseille, France

Exhibition, Again body (Corps encore), curator Gabriel Soucheyre / VIDEOFORMES for Littérature au Centre (LAC), France

Performance, I am a tree (je suis un arbre), international festival of Casablanca, Art Marsam gallery, Casablanca, Morocco,

Exhibition, Le transhumanisme, with Je me soigne, tu te soignes, il se soigne, FIAV, Casablanca, Morocco

Curator, programming of Iranian women artists, Sensitivity in the face of violence, FIAV 2019, French institute, Casablanca, Morocco,


Exhibition Think with the world (Pense avec le monde), Video installation of Women must be beautiful, Les instants vidéo, Marseille, France

London Feminist Film Festival, with the short film Nazanin, London, England

Exhibition, Body again (Corps encore), curator Gabriel Soucheyre, Roubaix, France

FIAV, international video art festival of Casablanca, Women must be beautiful, Casablanca, Marocco

Exhibition, Curiosities Cabinet (Cabinet de Curiosités), VideoFormes, Clermont-Ferrand, France


International art festival, Les instants vidéo, When the foreigner comes (Quand vient l’étranger), Le Gyptis cinéma, Marseille, France

Performance, I am a tree (Je suis un arbre), RMN-Grand Palais, Paris

Exhibition, Everything goes well in the Middle East (Tout va bien au Moyen-Orient), FRAC, Marseille, France


International art festival, Les instants vidéo, State of Poetic Emergency, Marseille, France

International video art festival L’Œil d’Oodaaq, Nantes, Rennes, Saint-Malo, France

22nd International video art festival, The FIAV, Casablanca, Marocco

International video art festival, Travers, Atypiquement trouble, Toulouse, France

International video art festival artvideoKOELN, Refugee!, Shillong, India


International Mardin film festival (Simardin), Mardin, Turkey

Exhibition, Papier machine, Claude Levi Strauss library, Paris, France

28th International art festival, Les instants video, Marseille, France

International film festival, CineAutopsia | Bogotá Experimental, Colombia

Contemporary art exhibition, Transversality, Michel Journiac gallery, Paris, France

The Iranians women video art exhibition, Nietzsche Was a Man, Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland


Solo exhibition, The emotional paradox, curator Pr. François Jeune, Paris 8 University, Paris, France

MashUp Film Festival, John Cage project, par Videoformes, Forum des Halles, Paris, France

Festival des Musiques Innovatrices, John Cage project, par Videoformes, La Mine museum, Saint-Étienne, France

The Iranians women video art exhibition, Nietzsche Was a Man, Malmö Konsthall Art contemporary center, Malmö, Sweden

Numeric art festival 2014, Vidéoformes Festival, John Cage project, Clermont-Ferrand, France


The Iranians women video art exhibition, Nietzsche Was a Man, VideoBabel, Peruvian—North American Cultural Institute of Cusco, Peru

The Iranians women video art exhibition, Nietzsche Was a Man, Digital Art Festival Coimbra, Portugal

The Iranians women video art exhibition, Nietzsche Was a Man, Ex-Teresa Arte Actual museum, Mexico City, Mexico

The art festival of a feminist group, Moeurs Attaque, Paris VIII University, Saint Denis, France

Edinburg Iranian art festival, Margaret’s House, Edinburgh, Scotland


Exhibition, Les Hivernales de Paris, Paris, France

Video art festival, Close to My Heart, curator Alysse Stepanian, Digital Marrakech Festival, Morocco

Video art festival, Stories to Wake Up With, Video night in a land far away, Dublin,

Video art festival, Bideodromo 2012, Hika Ateneo art center, Bilbao, Spain

Group exhibition, The VAULTS Birmingham, Birmingham, England

Group exhibition, Semaine des Arts, The Paris VIII University, Saint Denis, France

Group exhibition, En tete en tête, Gallery Le 6 b, Saint Denis, France

Video art festival, CologneOFF 2012, Sattal, the Himalayan Mountains of India


Video art festival, CologneOFF 2011, Nomadic festival project, in a global context, displayed at:

Arad art museum; Romania, Szczecin; Poland, Galleria Rajatila; Tampere; Finland—Shams—The Sunflower, Beirut, Lebanon


Video art exhibition, University Aix-Marseille I, Aix-en-Provence, France

Exhibitions/workshop, Gallery Alter Ego, Aix-en-Provence, France

Exhibition, The other world, Queen Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada


2nd Art biennale, Gilan department, group show, Rasht, Iran

Solo exhibition, Day Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


Group exhibition to help child cancers patients (Mahak), Niavaran palace, group show, Tehran, Iran

Group exhibition of the society of Iranian Painters, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran, Iran

Solo exhibition, Nami Art Gallery, The artist’s house, Tehran, Iran


1st Art biennale, Gilan department, group show, Rasht, Iran

Solo exhibition, The other world, Iranian Culture Center, Paris, France


 Solo exhibition, The other world, Golestan Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group exhibition, Pouya Art Gallery, Rasht, Iran

Group exhibition, Parvin Art Gallery, Rasht, Iran

Group exhibition, Shaghaghi Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


Solo exhibition, Golestan Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


Solo exhibition, The women, Darya Beigy Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


Group exhibition, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group exhibition painting/installation, Tehran Azad University, group show, Tehran, Iran

Solo exhibition, My nature, Atbin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran