2021 Interview by Behnood Mokri, about “Oodaaq” exhibition, VOA ( Voice of America), Washington, USA,

2021 Iranian women artists exhibition, curator Parya Vatankhah, interview, by Behnood Mokri, VOA ( Voice of America), Washington, USA,

2021   “Corps éclipsé, espace nocif”, Iranian women artists exhibition by Parya Vatankhah, L’oeil d’Oodaaq, interview by Yann Barbiton, Canal B, Renne, France,

2020     The relationship between art and violence in historyActualité de la recherche, N°5, Paris 8 university

2017      Interview by Hoda Sajjadi, Persiana TV, Paris, France

2016      VOA (Voice of America television channel), Interview, Washington, USA

2016      Revue L’Oiseau_18, Art Contemporain Iranian, by Mathilde Jouen, Caen, France

2015      Interview by Vladimir Mitz, Radio JFM,

2014     Parya Vatankhah, Iranian visual artist , Tehran revue, Mireille Ferreira, Paris, France,

2013    Interview, VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project (Video Art DataBase and Cologne International VideoArt Festival)

2011     VOA (Voice of America television channel) , Interview, Washington, USA

2010     Radio Koucheh, Interview, by Shirin Dehghan, American Office, USA

2008     The Color of Love: An Exhibition for a great cause in Tehran, by Syma Sayyeh, Iran

2007     Interview by Channel 4, Chahar sou, Tehran, Iran

2006     Interview by Gilaneh News paper, Rasht, Iran