Je me soigne, tu te soignes, il se soigne, nous allons mourir (2019)
Video performance, color, stereo sound, 

This work is a reaction to the violence that humanity is undergoing and the difficulties of healing after painful experiences. Since Iran’s New Year, on 21 March 2019, heavy rains have hit several regions, causing unprecedented flooding in more than 100 cities and villages, amplified by the disastrous management of infrastructure and waterways in recent years. The responsables, in a complete negation of the problem, show the gap between the suffering of the people and the politicians in charge, by irresponsibly stating that “rain is a gift from god, that he will compensate those who have lost everything”. The population is completely left on his own. To show this, I integrate the archive images into the video of my performance to show the suffering of the Iranians, trapped, wounded by these events and alone in front of their distress.

During this performance, I wrap my body in medical bands from head to toe. By covering my face, eyes, mouth, and ears, all my senses are attenuated, preventing me from speaking and expressing myself to the point of suffocation. Through this work, I wanted to symbolize the impossibility of certain healings, despite our efforts and hopes.



Je suis un arbre ( I am a tree) 2017
Performance, RMN-Grand Palais, Paris, France

The performance Je suis un arbre addresses and confronts the issue of climatic change and problems caused by humans in the environment  and its relationship to our daily lives. With my body covered with black and white images of trees and plants cut and dried up, I attract the attention of the viewer by looking him or her in the eyes and then, gradually tearing apart the images that cover me and handing them to the viewer in desperate silence, as if those torn images were my own skin.


Water, earth, air  2017
Video performance, in loop, color, stereo sound, (0.34.07)

Water, earth, air is a video based on a performance showing a person immersed in muddy water.
The temporality of the scene with a slow movement of immersion and emersion of the face, evokes suffocation and anguish reinforced by the monochromatic dark image. The throbbing sound helps to plunge the viewer into this disturbing environment. The reversal of the symbolism of the three elements earth, water and air (breathing) from the symbol of life into the symbol of death participates in the illustration of a hell on earth bringing us to our human condition, constrained within the limits of our body and the limits of our physical world.
What prompted me to realize the situation and make this performance was the suffering of migrants who, forced to leave their countries and their roots, are confronted with political and natural boundaries. Thousands of refugees died in 2016 at sea or in the cold and the  rain etc.. These people, forced to leave their homes because of war and violence, live and experience hell on earth.
The installation consists of the projection of the video in large format in a black room with the sound filling the space. The looping video, giving a dimension of “endless bodily battle”, challenges the impact of limits and constraints on our lives.


Passage (2016)
Video performance, in loop, color,  stereo sound, (0.24.09)

The video Passage seeks to explore our journey in life confronted with our limits in space and time. A woman, dressed in white, folded in fetal position, struggles in a white, cramped space evoking confinement and   suffocation. For me, white is the symbol of purity, birth and innocence, but it also represents the hospital universe (including psychiatric one), as much as it can correspond to the color of death (in Iran, the dead are simply draped in a white shroud).
The alternating of slow and fast movements emphasizes a feeling of ill-being and the aspiration to free oneself from that situation.The   looping   video, giving a dimension of “endless   bodily   battle”, challenges the impact of limits and constraints on our lives.


Not Read (2014)
Video performance, color, stereo Sound, (0.05.14) 
Installation : one screen video, earth, crumbles papers

Not Read, is a video based on my performance which show a women writing and after floundering on the ground in a dark forest. In this performance I confront my past and present by writing without any planning or subject matter. Here writing becomes merely a means to externalize my inner suffering for what is lost, what is accomplished and what is durable beyond the physical   borders   of   time   and   space.
The installation consists of a large screen in a dark room, the soil on the ground and the crumbles papers which cover all around the scene.



Get Along (2012)
Video performance, Color, stereo sound, (0.06.06). Performance: Enora Keller, Reza Taha

The video Get along  is a reflection on all that is forbidden and/or allowed, in any aspect of a relationship and its impact on intimacy. The movement of the two bodies intimately covered under a white sheet, and then, a red rain of blood, implying confrontation between two spaces; inside and outside, thereby, creating a scene of paradoxes between love and violence.


Metamorphose 2010
Video performance
, two large screens, color, stereo sound (0.05.15),

I wanted a special experience by burying me to get closer to the earth, the dead and the other world. I also wanted to test my body, test its resilience and limitations facing this ordeal repeated several times during a day. The ground was very heavy; I could not imagine before this work. Underground everything is black and cold, very cold and silent.
In Metamorphose the burial becomes an act and an experience both artistic and  at the same time psychology. The temporality of this act becomes visible by medium of video. This act of self-violence and self-burial is related to family bereavement as well as the geographic mourning. A displacement, which is the point of departure and a new beginning in my life and in my artistic endeavors, in   France.