Distance 2018

Video installation,three large screens, sound, color, (0.06.43)

Distance is based on a recurring nightmare in which I am lost in endless stairs trying to find a way to escape. This video could refer to a prison, to a lost place, to someone lost between real and unreal. I choose a very simple, uncluttered corridor and stairs with a dark and cold atmosphere to prevent any association to any period or any place. The speed of movement related to running on the stairs as well as the shaking images associated to the dark atmosphere evoke instability, escapism and fear. The sound of difficult breathing emphasizes the anxiety of the scene.
This installation, which consists of two big screens face to face  and one screen at the floor in a dark room, wants to immerse the spectators and make them lost in this dark and unknown world.

Nazanin 2017

Short film, Persian language, stereo sound, color, (0.14.40) Music : Said Tinat

Oniros Film Awards, which is a IMDb qualifying competition, finalist with the film Nazanin

London Feminist Film Festival, with the short film Nazanin, London, England

Nazanin is a short film inspired by the true story of one of my friends who lives in Iran.
The video addresses the situation of women in Iran and how they suffer, both from the weight of tradition and also the unbalanced harshness of laws stacked against them. The narrative uses the telephone conversations without the protagonists being seen. This absence symbolizes the void created by the distance between the two friends, both in its physical and emotional impact. The segmentation of the dialogue in time and space and the confrontation of two points of view accentuate the dramatic tension.

Women must be beautiful; women must be hidden (2017)

Video, black and white, stereo sound, (0.11.01)

In this work, I wear and remove a headscarf over and over again alternately for the duration of the performance. It starts with calm movements, then, the rhythm accelerates gradually. This gesture is repeated so many times until it becomes a violent and overwhelming gesture. This repetitive gesture represents a mixture of memory, sadness and suffering which I have experienced throughout my life since I was 7 years old.
Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, Hijab has become a compulsory object forced on women. Girls must wear hijab starting from the age of seven as soon as they start school.

The Circle (2016)

Video installation, three screens, in loop, color, stereo sound, (0.11.01)

When I went through this tunnel, I was fascinated by its seemingly unending length. It makes me   think   about   the human’s life. I wanted to do something with it, something about the meaning of life and the seemingly circular   repetition   of   our   daily   lives.
The Circle consists of three video screens each representing image of entering a tunnel that has no exit, juxtaposed with the image of a woman who is whirling like a Sufi dancer. This video is about the perception of the world and life, about our personal path in this world; the repetitive nature   of   daily   life.   The   circle!
This installation consists of three big screens in a dark room to make the spectators feel anxious and   choking   for   air.   Does   he/she   identify   himself/herself   in   this   whirling   world   with   no   end?

Loudness trouble (2015)

Video Installation, three screens, in loop, color, stereo sound (0.03.15)

In this video, I adopt and blends photos of important events of contemporary Iran and its recent past, events like the revolution, the war and the 2009 green manifestations in Iran which have a particularly personal resonance and have touched my soul, closely. The work portrays the eternal influence of memories and remembrance and how they wound us, our feelings and our perception of the world and how the memory of violence impacts and influences our perception of the society we inhabit.

(Re) actions, 2015 

A video by Laurie Joly and Parya Vatankhah, black and white, Stereo Sound, (0.06.42)
Text written by Laurie Joly the night after the attacks of January 7, 2015 in Paris

(RE)ACTIONS is a result of collaboration between me and a French artist, Laurie Joly. Its starting point is in a dialogue.
(RE)ACTIONS installs a dialogue between two stories, two cultures and two artistic approaches. It creates a conversation between artistic media – considering all forms of Art. (RE)ACTIONS aims for a dialogue between looks – for a plurality of the sensitive modes of reception. This video is a commitment against the censorships, which continues to impact the creative minds and artists.

Nightmare (2013) 

Video installation, two screens, in loop, color, stereo sound, (0.04.10)

In this work, I use images found in the media and internet and also the image I have taken myself to explore the question of reminiscence and nostalgia and the conflict they represent between two places, my country of origin, Iran, and my adopted country, France and, of course, the temporalities   between the two experiences. Here, I aim to illustrate how the power of emotions, in particular the internal suffering, can influence our perception of the external world.

Inevitable (2011) 

Video, color, stereo sound, (0.03.08)

In Inevitable, I want to show the paradoxes and ambiguities that exist between interior and exterior of a person. The question is about the unmasking or hiding of the multitude of identities which coexist within us. Starting with a smiling face, the viewer’s line of vision is then slowly and progressively guided with the camera movement down my body to show me covered in blood. The last part of the video uncovers the real image of the face and the body and its secret- the interior and the exterior find themselves in one scene only to reveal the inner suffering.