My body for your loneliness 2020

A video art and performance programming of Iranian women artists.

2020 Presented at Art video international festival Of Casablanca :

My body for your loneliness, offers us the possibility to know that there is every kind of loneliness, uprooting and separation from our loved ones. Their works give an impression of solitude through a symbolized, metaphorical and poetic body that allows us to travel through time and space in order to identify ourselves and interpret the work in our own way. The central question of these works is that apart from the suffering caused by illness and natural disasters, the main cause of loneliness of human beings is the human being himself. By emphasizing this problem, these artists wish to denounce it and awaken us. Perhaps hoping to make the world a gentler and more humane place. These eleven Iranian women artists explore all kinds of abandonment and bear witness to the upheavals that affect us in the contemporary world such as immigration, exile, lack of freedom and illness through the image of the body.
In all these works the body is the central object and subject. The artist uses her own body and her own image to express herself. Our bodies are politicized as described by François Soulage: “we can use the notion of “political bodies” to characterize a certain relationship that a body can have with other bodies. … political relationships in a political context.” (Solas, Silvia et Soulage, François, L’homme disparu, Paris : L’Harmattan, P. 17)

Artistic curator: Parya Vatankhah

Parya Vatankhah, artist and curator, has chosen works only by Iranian women artists because of the particularly difficult situation of women in Iran and especially women artists, to give them the opportunity to be seen and heard.

Participating Artists :

Mania Akbari, Shaghayegh Cyrus, Haleh Jamali, Baharak & Behnaz Khaleghi, Mandana Moghadam, Azadeh Nilchian, Sara Niroobakhsh, Mehregan Pezeshki, Rojin Shafiei and Parya Vatankhah,